Monday, May 21, 2012


My 'little' brother gets married in less than a week! Wow.

I moved out at 16, for school, and it's taken me a long time to see him as the 25 year old he's now become.
All I have to do is close my eyes to see the curious, constant tag-along from my childhood.

Oh, the stories we could tell...
• of the electronics he reprogrammed when adults left the room.
• of the odd places the TV remote could be found if BCB had control of it...(i.e. freezer, fridge, cabinets, laundry room...)
• of all the times I hovered on the verge of passing out while he continued whatever action had started me laughing in the first place.
• of all the times he swore he was not sleeping on the ride home from town, but yet the loudest noises in the car radiated from his head not moments before.
• of the look of horror on his grandmother's face to find out he was operating a backhoe by himself under the age of 10.
• of the vacation where when asked how full the pool was, i.e. of people, he responded, "this far from the top." (you have to visualize tiny fingers spread about 2 inches apart.)
• of showers of clothes from Christmas presents with unexpected contents. :) (Thank you, D&D, for making sure we learned that it wasn't about what was in the box, but the love with which it was given.)

The memories flood in as I write...
• summer days where all we needed was our imaginations and each other.
• cardboard houses made from giant tank boxes and Sharpies.
• hours spent under the stairs in our playroom or building a fort using the kitchen table and every blanket in the house.
• piling into a Ford truck with the windows rolled down to go with Daddy on a pump call.
• watching BJ jump into that little yellow car with BCB like he was the happiest dog alive.
• playing Final Fantasy just the way I liked... He killed the bad guys, I got to discover the story line.
• the face pressed to the glass the first time I boarded a school bus.
• showing up for my wedding with hair almost the color of carrots.

Of course, there are times when I see the pestering little brother of a teenage girl, BUT he's a boy. What do you expect?

I have to say though that his pestering included none of the gross little boy things done with the intent to pester the life out of an older sibling. They were acts of love to share time with me. If I regret anything about moving out at 16, it's BCB. I missed years that I'll never get back.

Now that I'm crying, let me wrap this up. I am proud of who he has become. Do I pray he finds a good use for the intelligence God gave him? Yes!
That's not all there is to BCB though. He's one of the kindest, most generous people I know. Ready to give the shirt off his back and the last dollar in his pocket. I love him, and wouldn't want him any other way!

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  1. I LOVE YOU SIS!!!

    but its not nice to make you little bro cry.