Resources I Like

Here are a few of the resources I've found online that I enjoy and find useful.

Momtastic's Wholesome baby foodGreat info on the introduction of solid foods for baby. Everything from prepping foods, storage, age appropriate choices, allergies, and sample meal plans.
For a picky mom, trying new things with her first born, it's a great go to!

Swagbucks is one of those websites that 'pays' you to watch videos, take surveys, and signup for offers.
I waited a long time before I jumped on this bandwagon, and it's just a part-time interest, BUT I have earned enough in two months for a $20 gift card to Amazon. With a little one in the house, that's always a welcome thing. :-)

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program
My parents recently moved from AL to TX, a month after their first grandchild was born. I love flying Southwest, and with their Rapid Rewards program I LOVE earning points toward airline miles just by making our normal monthly purchases. Granted, if you have credit card issues... STAY AWAY, but with some careful budgeting we pay the bill every month and get a trip to TX at least once a year. :-)

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