Sunday, March 29, 2015

Do you know He's walked before you? Happy Palm Sunday!

Today, the hubby and I enjoyed a peaceful wandering in the woods. As we enjoyed the silence and cool breeze, it was hard to not see the immense beauty around us.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. We see all around us the care God has taken with His creation. He gently tucks it in through autumn's cooling temps and wakes it again to new life in spring. How can that not impress upon us the immense love he has for us?

In the midst of my marveling at creation, we jumped a small creek and I tripped on the undergrowth. Playfully, I teased my husband over his 'immense' concern for my safety... Seeing as he didn't pause to help me across the small creek or even turn around to my grunt at having almost tripped. His response though stops me. He says, "I'm walking before you."

While I was teasing him, and we both knew it, it reminded me that there was no lack of concern in his actions. Quite the opposite! He was walking ahead of me to make sure there were no unseen dangers.

As such a simple act swelled my heart with love, it also very vividly brought to life the truth we know about Christ... He walks before us. He has seen the trials we face. He has known the hardship and the heartache.

He chose to enter our lives in human form, which we recently celebrated at Christmas, and to pay the ultimate price for our sins, which we will celebrate this Friday as Good Friday.
Thankfully, the story doesn't end there! 

Next Sunday we will celebrate His resurrection, and the promise of the new life He gives us. How precious we are of all creation!

As today we celebrate Palm Sunday, his arrival in Jerusalem for a week he knew would include immense suffering, death, and a trip to hell... HAPPY PALM SUNDAY!

As we celebrate this week, let us remember the ultimate price He paid and the larger than life gift He gave.

And as we draw closer to Easter Sunday, let us rejoice in the realization that He did it all that we may find comfort in the knowledge that He has walked before us.

He paid a debt we could not pay, for a life we do not deserve, and He will not leave us to walk it's road alone.

May you find joy and comfort in this Easter season and may you see life anew in Christ!

In Christ,
A Southern Sinner

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