Monday, August 4, 2014

Quiet time... with accountability

Last week, I came across a post from The Better Mom about accountability for quiet time with the Lord. Let's just say it struck a chord with something I'd been struggling with and longing for.

I have a friend, also a mom of little ones, whom I approached with the idea. After a initial reaction of "oh boy no", she was honest with herself, as I was, and admitted that even if we drug along kicking and screaming... we needed this.

The first day was good, but a little overwhelming. To be honest, I fell asleep reading the Matthew Henry commentary.It was however 10:30 pm, and not quite so much the commentary's fault as my exhaustion. Not sure we could read multiple pages in the commentary daily, we revamped our approach a little... Read the chapter and at least answer some of the questions suggested by the blog article. Then share by pic, text, or email the answers to the questions or something that spoke to us. Proof that we'd taken the time to spend time with the Lord... accountability.

Habits are hard to form, and a week later... we get to chapter two. We will stick with it though, and hopefully it will grow our relationships with the Lord and our reflex to go to Him first for every issue we face. I'm hoping it also grows our relationship as sisters in Christ, because I need that right now. I need someone checking on me to make sure that the everyday of a SAHM doesn't overwhelm my devotion and service to my Lord.

Whether you try this approach, or you do something else... find your quiet time with Him. Life gets busy, but I promise it's one daily conversation you don't want to miss!
Here are my notes from this morning, and a full list of the questions can be found here.

1 Corinthians 2 -
What does this passage demand of me?
That I seek His Spirit for wisdom, and remember that God's ways are discerned through His Spirit and not the understanding of man.

How does this passage change the way I relate to people?
It reminds me not to judge what I see with my eyes, because I can not know the thoughts of God and the reasons other people struggle.

How does this passage prompt me to pray?
For submission to His Spirit, that he may speak to me and I may hear his guidance. That His Spirit may consume me and I may feel the peace of it's murmur in my soul.

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