Monday, November 24, 2014

A God we can never use up or tire out... how about that in a disposable society?

My study buddy and I are at the end of chapter 3 in Ephesians; and the doxology ending of this chapter is amazing!

He is a God "who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine".

That means that even our biggest dreams and desires are not too big for God. I don't know about you, but I can come up with a want  list a mile long, if I try (emphasis on the want and try), and my imagination works pretty well.

But God is bigger still??

Matthew Henry says this about him, "There is an inexhaustible fullness of grace and mercy in God, which the prayers of all the saints can never draw dry." Now that's an immeasurably deep well of grace and mercy.

Think, not only is he that amazing, but we can never use him up or tire him out.

That sounds so greedy, but it fits the mindset of this generation. All of our talk is about sustainable resources or the life span of a product.

     Will our children have the same natural resources we do now, if we continue to consume at our          current rates?

     Will they be dependent on others for their food, or will we teach them to grow their own?
     Will a product work the same after 100 uses as it did the first time?

     How long will it last before it breaks down from continual use?

     For consumable products, how long will they last before the purchase of more is required?
     As a mom, will it remain safe and stable over the years and added use?

God blows my mind every chance he gets; and I love that about him. I am continually amazed by his love, his grandeur, his power, and his magnitude.

I am humbled daily by the knowledge that he chose ME.
Before the foundations of the world, he chose to create and love ME... sinful, selfish, failing, self-critical ME.

And because of this... I start my day brand new. I can ask of a God "who is able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine" to forgive me of my sin, help me put to death my "self", rise above my failures, and see the good in myself, instead of the bad.

His mercy and grace for me will never be used up, and he will never tire of me!

Please know that he died not just for me, but for YOU, too. Need extra emphasis of that? Reread this post and replace your name every time you see the word ME.

From One Saved Sinner to the Next

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